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EKSPEDISYON - Biyahe sa Nakaraan
Nasubukan mo na bang lakbayin ang nakaraan? Hindi ba’t ninais mo na rin ibaon sa limot ang ilan? Minsan kahit gaano kalayo na ang narating, gusto mo pa rin bumalik sa kung saan nagsimula ang lahat.

Ang librong ito ay koleksyon ng pinagtagpi-tagping mga alaala ng pitong manunulat na niyakap ang pagiging mahina upang maibahagi ang mga sikreto ng kanilang buhay, dahil ang tanging pagharap sa nakaraan lamang ang daan upang muling makausad

Mga Memwa at Mga Manunulat:
AMOR INFINITUS - Christian Loid Valenzuela 
MUSIKERA - Raine Rillera
AVE MARIA - Gab Barrantes
UNANG HALIK - Cindy Dela Cruz

Book Cover: Andoyman

Available in: Paperback

Felicia just moved to Spring City, a thriving city which has surpassed the grandeur of any city in the Philippines. She was hoping to forgeet tha bad memories and to pick herself up again. The city was majestic and people she met were friendly, there's the helpful guard named Kanor and the good looking botanist next door, Chris. She also met a self-proclaimed witch with an eccentric hairstyle named Carlotta, who warned her never to open her whatever happens on the 31st of October. Felicia was cynical, and she eventually forgot about the warning. 

One evening, after  a nice date with Mr. Botanist, the doorbell in her apartment rang. Without even thinking of Carlotta's advice, she opened the door and found no one. Instead, she felt a gust of wind in her face and when she turned around, she almost fainted when she saw two weird looking creatures sitting in her living room. 
Available in: Buqo | Gumroad

Back in Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara is home, and Felicia is happy to be back. This time, however, she is not alone, but with Chris who gave up being an engkanto to be mortal and to be with her. With the memories gone, and where all she has left is a diary with all that happened in the Underworld, the friends she met and the love she found, they promised to start over, become friends for now and see where it leads. 

Felicia's life seemed to be normal as she also got her old job back. Still, she thinks she can't easily trust what her heart is telling her. The sequel to the novella "31st" is filled with Filipino Christmas elements, where we'll hear more of Felicia's thoughts as she battles with her heart and mind. 
Available in: Paperback

Candy and Mayel have been best of friends since forever, and together they will face a new chapter of their lives: University. However, a lot of unexpected things have been happening including a sabotage in the acquaintance party where a schoolmate died, and spying a teacher-student love affair. Aside from studying for exams, they also found themselves in the middle of boy problems, family problems and their friends who have been exploring and discovering a lot about themselves. This is a story that will remind you of your own struggles and adventures in the campus. 

Language: Filipino
Written by: Cindy Dela Cruz
Publisher: Lapis sa Kalye Publishing
Includes 6 coloured illustrations by Erika Jizmundo
Available in: Buqo | Gumroad

Koleksyon, inspirasyon at totoong kuwento. Walang tayuan 'pag hawak mo ang libro na 'to. 

Available in: Buqo


Beware the tale that distracts you with the telling -- it's planting a truth in your mind, and you may find yourself believing in the incredible too. Sit back and let it happen, while reading.

Available in: Buqo

Nagsimula sa dalawa, tinuloy ng labintatlo, tinapos ng siyam.


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