Forgotten Things to Say


What I like about my part-time job as a publisher/ book seller/ writer, is that I get to meet passionate and talented people like Porcupine Strongwill. The first time I conversed with her on Facebook, I knew she'd be perfect for the book she wanted to write. 

You probably have heard of her. Aside from publishing a book under PSICOM, she also self-published The Angelic Conflict and Corpus Delicti. Anyway, just watch out for the girl with the purple hair!

And so, I knew I wanted to help in getting this book out in the world. Now, several months after, here we are, launching the book in a week! Forgotten Things to Say is a collection of poems reflecting the journey of a young heart trying to forget a past love. 

What an appropriate book for Valentine's Day!

Watch the trailer here!!!

The first time I heard Mara's song, it just kept singing in my head. 
The ultimate Last Song Syndrome!

Here's the lyrics:

Do you think of me
the way I always think of you
at the oddest realms of time?

Do I fill your mind
the way you always do with mine,
Painful, pathetic, but perfectly fine?

But I guess you don't;
you've already turned away;
no reason at all to stay,
a hummingbird brought astray.

And I know I don't—
no need to look 'round twice
to tell I'm a spot on your dice;
better hide behind the ice,
run away from lies.

If once before
you thought of me instead of her,
the moon will cry for us tonight,

till morrow brings
a hopeful sun burning bright,
assure my soul everything will be alright.

Though I can't change hist'ry—
what has happened happened,
meant to trip when we met,
so I'll forget regret.

I can't change what's been:
you're now a part of me,
the gleaming silver streams
flowing in my deepest dreams.

A year from now, or two
my heart will laugh as blue
relishing lavish youth—
they say I was in love with you,
but what they say is not quite true:
I'm still in love with you.

LSS is real, right?

And because I love you guys, here's more preview of the book!

Order the book here (and get a free bookmark!)

I edited the book and my partner in 8Letters, Marigold helped with the layouts. It was a great teamwork! I won't dive into the nitty gritty, but this masterpiece doesn't get made overnight. 

Soon it will be available on Amazon and local bookstores. Ah, we just can't contain the excitement. 

I also would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our book launch on February 19, 5 - 8 pm, for a night of poetry and music. We have invited spoken poetry performers and Porcey will bring her guitar! 

You may click here for the Facebook event group: 

Thank you for the support and see you there! :) 

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