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Sunday, 25 December 2016

What is Boxing Day?

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Living in Hong Kong, I still am not used to the public holidays celebrated here. For example, it is Boxing Day today, but I do not know the meaning behind. I probably have searched about it before, and I have not digested the information well. Thus I am researching about it again this morning and decided to write a blog post. According to Telegraph UK, it is the feast day of St. Stephen, the patron saint of the horses which is why Boxing Day is associated with horse racing and fox hunting. 

The question remains, why is it called Boxing Day? The etymology goes back to the Victorian Era in the UK when servants would take home boxes of presents of food leftovers back to their home. It doesn't have any connection with anything that happens now, so the name does not make any sense or any link to our modern day culture. In current times, we associate the day with shopping and horse racing. I'm still glad we got this extra day of rest from work. 

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