#ProjectFlashPiction Day 20: Break


Olivia slept well that evening. It must have been the slight relief that the "bears" were not anymore anywhere near them. She just needed to call the Mayor the moment she wakes up and convince him not to allow people to go to Spring Hill over the weekend. 

She had a pleasant day when she woke up. Olivia had breakfast with Louen and the Mayor, without asking why agreed to close the hill. That's what happen when you can easily pull strings from people. Mayor Garalgal had asked a favor from her before. She also a took day off from work to meet a friend, Hans has always been her to-go-to-person. And today that they were having lunch, and as always, he never failed to cheer her up. Olivia was happy because she felt normal again. Forget the weirdness that was happening to Spring City. 

"I was about to ask you to hike up the hill today, but I heard the Mayor closed it temporarily." Hans ran his fingers through his long blonde hair. It comes with being a singer in a band. The denim jackets, brown pants, and the boots have to match. Their three-man band is popular to ladies all over the city. He was fond of hanging out with Olivia, as she's the only person who could resist his charm. 
"No, not really in a mood for a hike. I mean, I'd rather stay here, soak in the city."
"Halloween's coming, you've got any plans?" He leaned back in his chair and took a deep breath. "We have this gig on the 30th; maybe you can come. Spring Cafe will have us," he added struggling not to sound weird or anything to Olivia. 
"A date, huh?"

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