#ProjectFlashPiction Day 19: Temporary


The Ursus let out a cry of desolation when it heard what Carlotta has to say. "The guardians have long perished. They were massacred. A few descendants have escaped, but I'm the only one who stayed."
"Who killed our friends?"
"Unfortunately, they were murdered by the selfish people who claimed this land and built this big city." The ladies drew closer to the creature whose voice wailed, trying to calm it down. "I know the way to the Underground, but the passage only opens every 31st of October. That is three days from now."
"We will stay and meet Queen Zena."
"You can't stay in this city anymore. You are bringing harm to the people by your waste. You are exhaling a dangerous substance that makes people depress. You have already killed seven people." It started crying again, so loud that it drew the attention of its companions. Around thirty were surrounding them. Olivia felt nauseous and sad at the same time. She could not stop thinking about Louen. "Hey, are you okay?" Carlotta whispered to her. "You've got to help me out here, girl." 
"I'm not in the mood Carlotta. I want to go home now."
"Don't be a baby, Olivia. We're doing this for the people of Spring City. You have to fight back the depression! Remember, this is all in your head. Try to breathe slower." Olivia obeyed. 

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

"Hey," Subsequently, an epiphany took hold of Olivia. "Why don't we bring them to the hill? It's quiet and isolated, and I can call the mayor, ask him that we close the hill this weekend."

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