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Thursday, 24 November 2016

#ProjectFlashPiction Day 18: Midnight

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A few hours later when Olivia and Carlotta were sure that the streets are empty, they went down to the playground. An ambulance has taken the three dead bodies to the morgue earlier. For a while, she watched Carlotta raising her arms up high, eyes closed and speaking a language so out of this world. She then danced around in a strange hymn she was humming. After a few minutes, she stopped and went quiet. 

"They're not here anymore. The Ailuropodinae have moved to another location. Don't worry, they are close."
"That's what you call the panda-like aliens?"
"You can call them Ursus for short. Won't be too hard for you." Olivia felt irritated by Carlotta's tone but decided to let it go. 
"Where are they now?"
"Let's follow where the wind is blowing from. Here, come with me." She started walking towards the gymnasium a few yards from the playground. "They probably came here because they felt disturbed earlier. Funny, it's their fault anyway. They should stop breathing these negative energies." Olivia did not find the 'joke' amusing. 

The gym was dark when they came in. Olivia who frequents here every weekend knew where the switch was. When the lights were on, the two were surprised to find bright cone-shaped objects hanging in the ceiling. "You're back," the leader of the pack appeared from their back. Now with the lights on, Olivia noticed the details of the panda faced aliens. "Can you now show us to the Underworld?" They speak innocently gentle. "We need to speak to the guardians of the mountain."
"Hi, my name is Carlotta. My grandfather was one of the guardians of this Spring Mountain. I am here to pass a message."


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