#ProjectFlashPiction Day 17: Safety


Olivia found Louen in time. He was not in a trance; rather he was persistent to jump out of the window. "No, stop it Louen. Wake up!" She slapped him and shook his shoulder as vigorously as she could. 
"I don't want to live anymore. I'm worthless!" He started crying. "I gave up school and stay here at home all day, while you're out there working very hard for us. You come home late every night and we don't see each other anymore. I'm so lonely, ate Olivia. I can't continue living. I'm a burden to you!"
"NO! You're not. Hey, look at me. LOOK AT ME! It has always been the two of us, remember? And if you leave me, I wouldn't be able to go on too." After a while, he stopped sobbing. She managed to make him drink a glass of water where she slip a sleeping pill. If this is the only way to save him, she would. She was not aware that this is what he has been feeling all along. He was half sleep when Carlotta came into the flat. 
"May I come in? You left the door open." Olivia signaled for her to come in. She looked anxious, walking back and forth. 
"Carlotta, my brother almost died because of those creatures. What do we do now?" she whispered frantically.
"I'm afraid we can't do anything at the moment."
"Why, what happened?"
"You got to look out of the window." Olivia stood up and followed her. To my horror, three bodies were lying on the ground, and they looked dead. "They jumped all at the same time, Olivia. You managed to save your brother in time." 

It started raining.

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