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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

#ProjectFlashPiction Day 16: Waverley Station

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We paused by one of the streets near the Waverley station. There was a band playing a rock version of "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling."  It's the Fringe Festival in an August summer which made it the liveliest time to visit Edinburgh. This band we saw on the street, complete with a drum set, bass, and bagpipes, was unique from what we have seen so far. I did not even want to spoil the moment by getting my camera. I only wanted to listen to them. 

"I like this song," I whispered to his ears. Marc and I sang along when 'The Spinning Blowfish' - their band name, hit the chorus. It was gathering quite a crowd, and like us they were singing along as well. 

You've got to bring back that lovin' feeling
Oh, that lovin' feeling
Bring back that lovin' feeling
'Cause it's gone, gone, gone

When the song finished, we walked to a spot at the Princes Garden, near the Scott Monument. We lay down on the grass while we sip our hot chocolate, enjoying the mid-afternoon sun. "Marc, do you remember when you've lost that lovin' feeling?"
"Hey, I never lost mine, Bridgette. It was you who lose it!" 
"I begged you to come back, even if I was one proud man, remember? I was too scared to lose you."
"You succeeded, anyway."
"That's right I did. I made you fall in love with me again with my charm."
"You sure did. Happy 50th anniversary, Marc."


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