#ProjectFlashPiction Day 14: Vietnam


     I was watching the sun rise from the east of Hoi An, when the door of our room opened. Damn, Jake's awake. "Good morning, Hon! You're up early." He wrapped his arms around my hips and started kissing me on my neck. Electricity crawled up to my skin, an effect of shock since he has not done this to me for a long time. We just arrived last night, and this was supposed to be a getaway trip, an anniversary celebration.

     He noticed the bag in the doorsteps. "Where are you going? Were you planning to leave me while we're having a vacation in Vietnam?" I nodded. He looked hurt, and I could not say a thing. "What have I done this time, huh? Tell me. I thought we're all okay."
     "I thought so too. It's not all your fault. We're both too busy with work, and it has taken a toll on this relationship."
     "No! You're not going to leave. We will work this out like what we always do. You won't solve a thing by leaving, Kate. Goodness, you're unbelievable!" I started sobbing. He carried me in his arms back to the room. He then got the phone and called for room service. "Let's have breakfast first, okay? And please don't cry, that's not good for the baby."

     Jake lay with me on the bed, and we stayed that way for some time. He told me stories while kissing me in between. Finally, I managed to calm down. "I'm sorry, these hormones are making me emotional." He kissed me on the forehead this time.
     "It's okay. Wasn't the first and I'm sure not the last time."

Project Flash Piction is an everyday writing project by KB Meniado based on pictures. Photo this time was indeed taken during a sunrise in Hoi An. :)

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