#ProjectFlashPiction Day 13: Arthur's Pass


     "I'm so glad you managed to squeeze in Arthur's Pass in your itinerary," I told Tom while giving him the tour of the farm.
     "Are you kidding me? You forced me to fly all the way here, Kylie. Imagine, a whole 10-day trip just to see precious Kylie!" he mocked.
    "I can't believe that after five years, you still have not changed at all! You never stop bullying me-"
    "Hey, I stopped one time when you punched me in the nose when we were ten." That incident of me punching him did not end well. It resulted in going to the Discipline office and a week of cleaning the corridor. It was also the time where we became close. From then on, we have become allies.
     I sighed. "Look at us, we're all adults." Right after graduation, my family migrated to New Zealand, and five years later, I am managing a lodge. Tom and I did not really miss a lot because we still talk often. "I still don't get why you were such a bully. I was the only one you were teasing while the rest of the girls got the special treatment, and you treated me like rubbish-"
     "Okay, you got to stop there." He turned around facing me. "I was teasing you because I wanted your attention."
     "Because I liked you back then."
     "Haha, you're teasing me now. Stop it, Tom. Enough of your jokes!"
     "I liked you."
     "I see. Right. 'Liked' with an 'e-d.'" 
     "I liked you then, but I..."
     "I kinda love you now."

Project Flash Piction is an everyday writing project by KB Meniado based on pictures. Above photo was taken in Arthur's pass, driving from Christchuch to west side of New Zealand's South Island. As for the writing process itself, it's really hard when you're tired and sick. But well, here you go. Uploading at 11:56 PM.

PS: Kylie and Tom have not seen each other for 5 years (not 10, haha). As mentioned in writing #ProjectFlashPiction, you try as much not to edit or erasures will be all over the place. :)

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