#ProjectFlashPiction Day 9: Barcelona


     It was an ambitious dream but today marks the 365th day of this journey. Even I can't believe that it has taken me this long since I packed my bags and bought that one-way ticket to as far away as possible.
     I try to allocate the time to watch the sunset every evening. It has become an obsession just to sit down and observe life and time passed by with a cold mojito in one hand. This time, I am in Barcelona and tomorrow will leave for Madrid. The man who took the only available seat spoke. I always have guys trying to get my attention; my entire aura probably shouts out loud that I am a single naive traveler. I got tired of shoving them away. I realized it has become inevitable. They all tried to please me with sweet, silly words, and I would pretend to believe them. I would tell them a different name each time and yet they forget the second they bid goodbye. Now the man in front of me looks no different: rolled up sleeves and unbuttoned shirt. He offered to refill my drinks. I refused. "I need to catch the early train tomorrow."
     "Train to Madrid?" I nodded. 
     "The 8 am one." 
     "I will be on the same train too."

Project Flash Piction is an everyday writing project by KB Meniado based on pictures. The photo above was taken in Barceloneta beach. I decided to take a break from the strange things happening in Spring City. Let's have some romance stuff for this week?

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