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Saturday, 8 October 2016

#ProjectFlashPiction Day 8: THOUGHTS

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     The playground where Olivia found the giant rugby ball, also known as the "spaceship," was barricaded. Of course, the ball was nowhere in sight as it disappeared as soon as the sun rose the east. In the area where they fell to their deaths, lighted candles standing on the ground fought the blowing wind. "Where do you think they are right now?" Olivia asked. 

     "They are still here, camouflaged in the elements of this world," the witch explained. 

     "I wonder if they have something to do with the suicides this afternoon. What's the worst they can do?"

     "You must understand that it is not their intention to kill. Those people were affected by the negative energy these creatures exhaled, a bad energy that once you inhaled, your mind will start betraying you."

     "They cannot stay here any longer!" Olivia exclaimed. "What do we do? Shall we tell the authorities?" She was getting impatient. It was still alright when no one has to die. She looked up at the building where they live, and there by the window was her brother, Louen staring on the ground. She waved, but it seemed he could not see her. 

     "Hey, where are you going?" Carlotta called out, but Olivia was already rushing to the elevator. She has got to save her brother.

Project Flash Piction is an everyday writing project by KB Meniado based on pictures. This photo was taken a year ago in a neighboring park using my Canon DSLR. 


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