#ProjectFlashPiction Day 7: HUES


The play lasted for an hour, and Olivia stood by the backstage until it was finally over. The one with the bob haircut, black overall from lipstick to the long dress, looking very proud - that must be Carlotta. Olivia like the play which was probably underrated and deserved more than 50 people sitting in the small theater. Olivia made a mental note that she will feature this play in one of her editorials. After the autograph signing and picture taking, Olivia finally got the chance to go near the "witch." She confidently introduced herself and invited her for a coffee. Even if she is a witch, Olivia didn't want to scare her. However, she was the one who got surprised when Carlotta held her arm, closed her eyes, inhaled and exhaled. "You've got a big responsibility."
"I'm sorry?" Olivia was both confused and getting nervous. 
"They have arrived, did they?" She shook her head. "They came too late. The people they want to protect were long gone." 
"They asked the way to the Underworld."
"Take me where they are. I'll speak with these creatures. I know the way to the Underworld." Olivia agreed, pushing the large theater door forward. The sun was setting with its hues of blue and orange. The cold January wind greeted their face. 

Project Flash Piction is an everyday writing project by KB Meniado based on pictures. This photo was taken in Edinburgh during sunset.

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