#ProjectFlashPiction Day 6: NEWS


     Olivia was agitated when her phone rang. She just stepped out of St. James tram station, on her way to the scheduled "Underground" play at 4 pm, hoping to meet Carlotta. It was Jose, one of her colleagues. She had one glance at her surroundings, made sure the pedestrian light was green before crossing the road. "Yes, Jose? What's up?"
     "Hey, I am covering a scoop right now on the east side of the city, you know, where you live? Perhaps you'll be interested with this." 
     "Go ahead."
     "You won't believe this, but four people living in four different condo committed suicide at the same time. One was where you live - The Red Bridge Condo!"
     "God!" She suddenly thought of her brother. 
     "Don't you worry, Louen is okay.
    "Thank you for checking on him." Her relief was turned into curiosity. "Were there suicide notes? Related? Friends?"
   "They are not related to each other. No suicide notes, no foul play. They all jumped by themselves and it was even caught on tape."

Project Flash Piction is an everyday writing project by KB Meniado based on pictures. This photo was taken in Edinburgh tram station.

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