#ProjectFlashPiction Day 5: THE PLAY


     "Is everything alright?" David asked Olivia that morning as he handed her a cup of coffee. He had worked with this woman for years, and this was the first time she looked so troubled.
     Oh, how Olivia hoped everything's fine! Who would have expected that creatures not from this world would appear in the wee hours of the morning? If she mentions anything to anyone, will people believe her? Even with the proof on her phone, will the situation change?
     And besides, she promised to keep the encounter a secret. She promised to help tonight once Spring city goes to sleep. "Hey David, do you know anything about the Underworld?"
     "Do you mean the play, right?"
     "There's a play?"
    "YES!" He was enthusiastic. "I went there with my niece last week and it was amazing! Very much recommended and you should go! I got some VIP pass." He took a card from his wallet and handed it to me. "After you watch the play, you should meet the director. Very strange look if you ask me, but she was adorable. She knows all things Underworld!"
     Olivia stared at the business card: 

Carlotta Remigio. 
Director & Witch. 
Building 325
0051 0 896 - 2305

Project Flash Piction is an everyday writing project by KB Meniado based on pictures. I took this photo using my Galaxy Note in London before the Matilda play.

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