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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

#ProjectFlashPiction Day 4: 50 YEARS AGO

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     Their heads were that of an Asian bear with large black patches around its eyes and ears. Their bodies meanwhile, were that of mannequins - the glossy ones made of fiberglass.
     Despite being horrified from their empty stares, Olivia noted their every detail. She dared not speak hoping she was invisible to their eyes.
     One creature came forward, slowly raised her forefinger pointing it to Olivia. Its throat trembled and although the lips did not move, a mild echoing voice came out of it. "Human, we are not here for any troubles. We came for our friends." It held its hand to Olivia which she took. With its strength, it helped her get up.
     "H-how can I help you?"
     "Show us the way to the Underworld."
     "W-what?" She surely has heard the term before, along with the urban legends surrounding it. She was also sure that the "Underworld" does not exist. But what is real? What was in front of her was real. She knew it because she felt its hand and its warmth!
     "I'm sorry, I do not know where that is."
     "Our friends need us. They called out for help and we tried to get here as soon as we could. It took us fifty years in Earth's time but we're here now. Please, you need to help us!" its emotionless face pleaded.

Project Flash Piction is an everyday writing project by KB Meniado based on pictures. I took this photo using my Galaxy Note while strolling around the office on a lunch break.


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