#Projectflashpiction Day 3: RUGBY BALL


     It was a humongous rugby ball in the park beside our building, supported by several legs and with lights coming from its tummy turning on and off. Olivia was sure it was not here a few hours ago. It vibrated as if it was alive. She didn't remember any announcement from the Mayor's office about this. She is the media and should be the first to know.

   She took her smart phone from her pocket and started taking photos from every angle possible. With the technology nowadays, everything is possible. These photos would go straight away to her Cloud, and a few hours later it would be in the news. She imagined being famous being the first one to discover this strange thing, not just in this city but also in the Philippines. And in the whole world. She would get invited to TV stations and she would travel!

     Suddenly a bright light appeared almost blinding her. She tried to walk away and hide but she stumbled. She could hear light footsteps. She felt surrounded and... Was that their breathing?

     She opened her eyes and found half humans half animals. It was not a giant rugby ball. It was a spaceship from who knows where!

Project Flash Piction is an everyday writing project by KB Meniado based on pictures. Basically, there will be no editing involved as much as possible (otherwise erasures, haha!). I took this photo with my Canon after attending a wedding during the mid-Autumn Festival. The photo was the Charles K. Kao Auditorium in the Hong Kong Science Park which has the shape of a golden egg.

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