#Projectflashpiction Day 2: ASLEEP


     Olivia found the condo unit dark when she opened the door. Her brother, Louen was asleep in the sofa bed. She didn't dare to turn on the lights. In the darkness with only the moonlight shining through the windows, she showered and head to bed. She got 5 hours to sleep and tomorrow would be another day. Of stress and triumphs.

     That night, she dreamt of the cab's driver who repeatedly told her to escape when there's still time. It went freaky when he started running towards her. She woke up with tiny beads of sweat in her forehead, heart thumping in her chest. It was only 5 am and she tried going back to sleep, tried thinking of other things to avoid the same dream again.

     She thought of her mother who remarried after their father died. She never went back for them. Since then, it has always been Olivia and Louen, just the two of them in this world. Olivia cursed under her breath. In this case, she would rather be chased by the cab driver in her dreams rather than the past she didn't want to remember.

     Her contemplation was suddenly bothered by a loud thud on the ground. Their room was on the 7th floor, that she felt the building slightly swayed. "It's too early for construction! Ugh!" She stood up ready to give the construction workers a piece of her mind. 
She took the elevator down and immediately looked for the sight.

She didn't find anything. There were no workers, no construction site... She saw something else!

Project Flash Piction is an everyday writing project by KB Meniado based on pictures. Basically, there will be no editing involved as much as possible (otherwise erasures, haha!). I took this photo with my Canon after attending a wedding during the mid-Autumn Festival.

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