#ProjectFlashPiction Day 10: Rhine


     The pianist starts to play a familiar melody followed by the singing of his daughter's soft voice. It is a song that reminds me of a million memories. It was "Can't help falling in love with you," the song that my ex-husband used to sing to me when we were still dating.
      It didn't work out even if we tried so hard for ten years, probably because we got married when we were both too young, too naive. We fought over the little things. We were two fools who just fell in love and did not know what else to do about it. We decided not to have kids. Now that I am all alone, I kind of regret it.
     Cruising River Rhine on my own is a terrible idea. You see these lovers, young and old looking at each other's eyes, so much (still) extremely in love. "May I have this dance?" Time stands still, and my heart starts racing crazily. Just like that.
      "Luke, what are you doing here? H-how did you know?"
     He looked at me deep into my eyes. "Liz, I am not giving you up that easy. Please, let's come home. I miss you so much."

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