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Saturday, 1 October 2016

#Projectflashpiction Day 1: PREMONITION

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     A warm summer evening and Olivia just logged out of her computer. It's almost midnight and it's time to go home. Being an editor in chief in this newspaper company, it was her responsibility to make sure they meet the deadline. And they did after many sleepless nights. She has sent the final MS to printing and tomorrow it will be distributed to the whole Spring City. She grabbed her backpack and head to the elevator. The light flickered as it went down from the 15th floor. She found the night guard dozed off so she walked as quiet as a mouse. Two blocks from the building was a busier street filled with jolly drinkers, enjoying free drinks on a ladies night. She hailed a taxi and got in. "Where to, Miss?" the driver with a hoarse voice asked. 
     "Red Bridge Condo, Mabuhay street," she replied trying to hide the uneasiness. 
   "I'm not sure why but something bad is going to happen." He drove so slow that Olivia felt annoyed. She's too exhausted to waste time in any of this crap. 
     "Manong, please, just drive faster." Or she swore to herself she'll find another cab. The driver agreed, driving with more speed this time, however, he never stopped ranting. He went on and on with:

"The blow of the wind is different."
"And I can hear these voices in my head."
"If I were you, I am going to leave the city as soon as I can."
"In fact, after I drop you off, I'm going home, pack my bag and go."


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