Poems for Adults: TOP OF THE WORLD


Emptiness despite the abundance of everything but you, 
Alone and lonely and all I could think of are the could-have-been,
The path chosen is a thousand miles away and I thought this is better,
Instead, I was greeted by the luxury of suffering and agony.

Wherever I go, you said you’ll follow,
Only realizing I am the one running as fast and as far as I could,
Until you got exhausted of trying to catch up, 
I hurt you too many times from my broken promises. 
My selfishness and pride are all I have left,
Yes I am on the top with happiness so unreal it could kill,
If I can buy back time, I will crawl back in your arms,
Because having you means I have everything I could wish for,

And now, it was too late for me, for us, and I’m so sorry.  

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