#ProjectFlashPiction Day 12: London


      "Are you seriously going to study right after you fuck me?" Jason was standing nakedly by the window in the living room. He had this silly grin plastered on his face. We always spend the weekends together. "This" has become our "thing." 
     "Why don't you just focus on making that mac and cheese, huh? Your fucking buddy is starving here!" I went back to what I was reading. The examination is in a week, and keeping my grades high will keep my scholarship in Cambridge. Jason continued pestering me, trying to get me into snogging. We just "finished," and I couldn't believe he wanted to have another. "Hey, I thought you don't cuddle with your FuBu, right? We have rules for heaven's sake!"
     "I hate rules." He sulked and went back to the kitchen. When he appeared back, he already got his pants on and the white shirt I helped him take off earlier. He was holding a bowl of macaroni and cheese. He sat down with me on the sofa bed. "Liz, how about we make a deal? If you think this one's great, we stop being F buddies."
     "Come on, we have been doing this for a year, and you haven't fallen for me yet?" I ignored his question and instead, helped myself with the macaroni. I closed my eyes as it melted in my mouth. It was mouthwatering delicious, perhaps the best I have ever tasted. 
      "Jason, you have no idea at all..."

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