Poems for Adults: SEPARATION


Heavy suitcase, a heart that starves,
A cold, wet longing night,
An unknown strange crowd gather,
While I push my way through all my might.
Lights flickered as I stepped in,
Back to our empty home,
Just a house now, perhaps,
Here I am anyway, 
Alone and on my own. 
Empty spaces in eternity,
While I sat killing time,
Drinking tears of bitterness, 
In one side of this king size 
shallow bed.
Having courage to sign, 
These crumpled trash of papers,
That will forever separate us,
Gone when I needed those prayers.
Frustration and betrayal,
Broken dreams and nightmares,
Finding courage and escape,
I will miss you.
Tomorrow I will be brave,
But tonight is for wallow,
Let the universe know,
I cried, I tried, I died.

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