Apple Summer's Origin (A Review)


Finally done reading this 155-page book. I am feeling accomplished. I meant to finish it some time ago, but then Netflix life happened, so on and so forth. Honestly speaking, it is hard to keep up with my unread books. Sometimes, I could feel their frustrations, asking me to spare some time to read. It took me 3-hours to read the book with occasional breaks and so here is my report about it. 

Title: Apple Summer's Origin
Author: Erikson Isaga
Art Director: Gapi Zabala
Category: Young Adult | Adventure
Language: Filipino


Main Characters:
The story revolves around 4 point-of-views, which is great, this way I have been able to feel first hand what their characteristics and background stories are. There's Liway,  who prefers the fictional world from television to books; the middle child, Hana who always needs to be perfect; Red who is the eldest in a struggling family; and lastly Betelgeuse, the smart guy in the class who seems to calculate distance most of the time (even when he walks short distances, so yeah, pretty weird). Out of the four characters, Hana's character appealed more to me. Sometimes, I couldn't help but feel that three other guys are kinda sexist. Hana has a lot of potential, she is smart and very confident, however in the story, her being competitive is portrayed negatively (I need to mention that it brings color to the story too, so still totally fine). While, Red's story is quite dramatic as he aims to escape from reality by playing arcade games. Each of these characters has their own strengths and vulnerabilities which were described well, thus I have been able to develop sympathy to their situations. 

It is a page turner! I guess the story is set in early 2000 (PS2 was released by then), which means these high schoolers are 90's kids. The story from each point of view is repetitive however, there were new elements being introduced from each character, so I didn't mind the repetition at all. This is an on-going series, so set your expectations right. It will leave you hanging in the end, but the book for me is the perfect size so I would rather wait for the second one (then the third one). The story is an original with a lot of Filipino elements into it which I can relate to (e.g. Rivermaya, pandesal).

Layout & Illustrations:
The illustrations are awesome and well-thought-out. The art in this book gave the story more life. Gapi has done a good job adjusting fonts when there is a need to emphasize emotions. It seems that the formatting tab has been used effectively. 

My rating is 4.5 stars; and yes, I certainly recommend this book! 
Especially if you love the following books: The Harry Potter series & The Narnia series. 

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