Cindy's Diary No. 4: Reminders to Oneself


If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you probably would think that I am a loser as I kept on highlighting that I only live for the weekend. However, I eventually realized that life is too short and that I need to make use of my weekdays too (whether I am having the worst day ever, I needed to tell myself that I only have NOW). I came to realize that I always look at the past or in the future, but never the "now", thus I would feel anxious most of the time. And I know now that it's a complete waste of time. I will get old eventually, God knows until when would I be able to blog or write or do the things I love to do, but since I have this opportunity, I should be sharing more of the positive things. My life is not perfect, it can't be and it won't. I have my own worries, dreams waiting to be accomplished that I needed to work my ass on, and of course, the struggles along the way. I realized that I am responsible for my own happiness.

Yes, I have been busy lately, but I am busy and happy :) 

May I tell a secret? I don't know if this is healthy or not, but when I am busy, I feel extremely happy. When I see the list of things I I have ticked off, I feel so much satisfaction. Now, here's a list to validate that I, Cindy Dela Cruz is a happy person for this week. 

Project: TIMES will be releasing a new book entitled Piece by Piece, containing collection of poems. One of the poems I have written is in this collection, guys! To pre-order the book, you may head on to this link (PIECE BY PIECE ORDER LINK), fill it up and wait! 

As for book hunting, I have not made any progress. As what I have posted on Facebook, I visited a bookstore twice where I spent 30 mins. looking for books to buy, but every time I am reminded of the books piked at home, I decided to get out as soon as possible, I also spent 2 hours at, but in the end, my basket was left empty. I was too conscious on buying books because firstly, I need to save money and also, life is too short for wasting time on bad books. 

A good news, though! I brought the complete set of the #heistclub books on BUQO that were written by Filipino authors. These are crime stories so I am looking forward to reading it. 

I have also discovered #Girlboss podcast and #Girlboss twitter. I just finished the book and it's really inspiring. I don't plan to build a fashion brand (I did before), but I really just want to focus on the Lapis sa Kalye publishing right now. Thus, weekend was spent on editing our book Disminoriya - Modernong Maria Clara. We are looking at new cover and new formatting. This is included in the first selection of 8LETTERS - a boutique bookstore distributing indie books. 

I am not in the best condition right now, I am writing this blog on a late afternoon, I have just spent the whole day inside (damn dysmenorrhea!), but the hubby is sleeping beside me and that's enough for me, for now. By the way, I have also came across with My life in Japan on Webtoons and also spent reading the comics. This couple reminds me of my story too. College sweethearts who got married living in East Asia - comics itself is so funny that I can totally relate. She is a freelancer who write and teach English - Maybe one day for me if I saved enough money, I may  plan to do that kind of  life. Anyway, the books she have written are inspiring and maybe something I would like to do in the future too. SO MANY FUTURE PROJECTS TO DO, SO LITTLE TIME!

Anyway, let me end this post with this photo of Mac and I enjoying yesterday. There were no drama, no tantrums or anything, just chilling IN (too hot to go out!). Have a nice week ahead everyone!

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