Cindy's Diary No. 3


An interesting week so far, not a lot of major happenings but I have been busy with new projects. I love being busy, I love creating something, or even just thinking of creating of something. A big amount of my time though is being spent watching Dr. Who on Netflix, maximum two episodes in a day, it helps especially when I feel so tired at work. What I am going to mention in this post of course, are the highlights a.k.a. the interesting things. 

Sunday was spent doing some shopping where I brought new books and a memo pad for work. I normally missed a lot of things and I hope the memo pad can help me. Well, it did help me to stay on track for this week! All I needed to do is to list the goals to accomplish, then tick it off once finished. I also use the Wunderlist phone application for my personal projects, but I knew I needed help in the office. My notes were all over the place!

I have been reading a lot lately, from books to Wattpad, I read before I go to sleep, when I wake up and when I travel by train or even while watching Dr. Who (I multi-task!), and basically I have been discovering quite a lot of things. My mind was constantly blown with the stories I read. I have been posting my reading list in our Lapis sa Kalye group hoping to give ideas to people on what to read next. 

Another good news is that my novel, "Sakit ng Kahapon" is now available on Gumroad, and next week in Stay tuned peeps!

You can also read the unedited manuscript for free on Wattpad

This week, I also experienced the authentic style of doing yam cha. Normally, I would eat yam cha in a big banquet or in a big Chinese restaurant with comfortable clothed seats or in a "fast food" kind of restaurant, but the experience I had last Thursday was something different. The way they pour tea on the cup is different. They used this big kettle filled with hot water and pour it in a bigger cup with a cover. This will serve as your mini kettle as you pour it to your smaller cup. It was my first time! It was not very comfortable to sit in a big space filled with people, everyone's talking and/ or ordering food, servers wearing this long sleeved uniform, walking around, refilling what needed to be refilled. 

That same day, I also went to the Travel Expo in the Hong Kong Convention Centre where I met the host of Go Japan, a T.V. travel programme I watched years ago. 

While I was there, I also collected brochures for new travel ideas. Maybe I can have a look at those again this weekend and work on my Japan itinerary. I have not been to Japan yet, probably because of the airfare and the visa thing, also who will go with me to Japan? Anyone? I now got a Hong Kong passport so I can go anytime!

Last but not the least, is Friday. I meet up with my family to celebrate Father's day in advance. We finally got a chance to eat in Mr. Steak where you can choose whether to have a semi-buffet meal or a set meal. I got the semi-buffet meal, however the "buffet" is not really enticing as I realized they've only got a lot of salad, 4 choices of dessert and the "seafood" buffet has only one choice. Damn. 

Our mains, however were very good!

That will be all from me tonight, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Until then!

P.S. Thank you Andoyman for doodling my Facebook DP.
I really look Burmese in that photo! 

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