Cindy's Diary No. 2


What a week!

I have not been able to write a post last week because I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand with my colleagues for a retreat. And a lot of things happened. 

Firstly, it was such a busy week, I had meetings after meetings, deals to close, trainings and emergencies. I can't hardly breathe. The trip to Chiang Mai was fun, but my colleague got into an accident that I really can't write it here. I'll reserve it for later, also it's not my story to tell. I may not be ready to write it either. Anyway, the events made me realized that life is short, so I'm going to write, shoot videos and pictures like I'm going to die tomorrow. I wanna leave footprints, I want to be fucking remembered. 

On our first day in Thailand, we went to a zoo where I saw a lot of animals (of course, what else?), followed by an amazing food race. We finally got to eat dinner at 10 pm, I was so starving. We won the race, so I was very happy. A part of the competition is setting up the table and men, we did a great job! (See photo below) The other team got a lot of food, while ours was well thought and looks enticing. Agree?

We lived X2 villa with several rooms and a playroom. There were staff ready to cook breakfast in the morning and clean the rooms as well. It was like a hotel, only better because there's no one else around but us. 

We went quad biking the next day, followed by a nice lunch, then spa. I went for an aloe vera mask and massage, it feels weird in a good way. The next day (also the last day) was spent for shopping, groceries and stuff. We also visited a nice café, and I posted about it here in this link: Chiang Mai Adventure: Local Café.

I went for sick leave the next day because I was so exhausted. While, my husband wanted to watch X-Men Apocalypse, so we did. I like the movie, makes me feel that I'm more of an X-Men fan. I was also learning a lot from the hubby who was so patient in explaining the story to me. 

I was also blogging a lot, not in this blog, but to my travel blog. I wrote more about the Rhine River cruise series, I got to report that to the office, but I needed to gather all my thoughts first. So I was productive. 

Also, I have reached chapter ten of the new novel I have been working on: The Aswang Virus, and I even made a new cover photo out of it. Please do add it in your Wattpad to-be-read list :D I'm very excited in writing this story, I have always wanted to write fantasy/ political/ horror type of story. 

Also, if you have not watched my latest video yet, please do. In my newest video, I preached on what beauty products I packed during a short trip. I filmed this while I was packing for the Chiang Mai trip (God, I was so tired that day already). Please subscribe and give it a thumbs up! Also, if you love it so much, help me share it for the world to see. 

My friend, ate Glecy have tagged me to post a photo of me and my spouse everyday to promote traditional marriage. I changed the rule however, and added my own views/ opinion about marriage. Here's what I wrote:

"When we got married, we knew it was not the end, 'twas only the beginning of everything, of growing and learning. It was never easy, we were so young (age: 18), we were difficult and stubborn people as well. At first, it was like "you and me against the world" thing, but we were wrong, it's more like "me against you, and you against me". We realized, we never have a lot similarities. I like books and comics, and you like computer games and a LOT of anime, yet we knew we have to meet in one common point, we need to meet halfway (wherever that may be). For me, marriage is making a decision everyday, and that decision is to LOVE. We need to choose love. Every fucking time. Whatever the conditions are."

And here's one of the photos I have posted, we brought new hats today in preparation of the Europe trip. We are so excited! How about you? How was your week? Let's be friends!

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