Cindy's Diary no. 1


Note: This is going to be a quick post. The new "Cindy's Diary" series will focus on the highlights of my week. 

Last week was a roller coaster, but I bet this coming week will be much worst. I'm trying to be positive about it, trying to do what I preach on how to survive weekdays. If you have not seen that video, you may click here: How to Survive Weekdays?

I brought 2 new pair of shoes, however Monday greeted me with wounds at my Achilles tendon. So although I was wearing my blue heels that Monday, the next four days were spent wearing my rubber shoes. 

What helped me through the weekdays were the weeknights spent with the hubby. We would go out and eat around the restaurants in the neighborhood. Some rainy nights he would cook which I prefer. We had been patient with each other, sometimes, stress would get to us and although we would argue, we eventually fixed things.  

An interesting throwback I saw on Facebook was the photo below (posted by my friend Jay Peñalba). I completed ROTC back in college days, and I was so slim, that you would be able to see my collar bones. This photo was taken 10 years ago, the time when I still follow the rules, I was so disciplined back then. I quit it eventually after weighting things. There were no regrets, I learned a lot of lessons at the time (I will save those lessons on a later post). 

Can you spot me in the photo?
Last Saturday, Mac and I went for a walk for an hour and we passed by the park. Summer is indeed already here, it was so warm, however I preferred to sip my hot green tea latte. The hubby on the other hand, chose ice cream!

Lastly, I would like to share with you guys/ gals, the novel I have been working on. The book is entitled, "The Aswang Virus - A Philippine Apocalyptic Story", which has political, comedy and fantasy elements on it. Also it was requested by a friend who wants to create a game out of it. By the looks on how the story is going, I have a feeling that this is going to be my longest novel yet. Here are quotes from the novel:

You can read the first few chapters here: The Aswang Virus and if you read it, please, please let me know what you think. 

I'll end this post right here. Until next week peeps! :) 

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