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Friday, 8 April 2016

The "DISMINORIYA" Book Launch

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Lapis sa Kalye's 3rd book was born 2nd of April, 5 pm in the warm ambiance of Buku Buku Kafe in District Mall, Imus. On this day, there were discounted books, lattes, goto and spoken poetry. What else can I ask for?

So how did Disminoriya started? 

We invited our readers to submit their poems or short story with a theme: Modern Maria Clara. Maria Clara is a fictional character from the Philippines' national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal's books entitled "Noli Me Tangere" and "El Filibusterismo". Maria Clara portrays a typical Filipino woman during the era when the Philippines was under Spanish colonization. "Mahinhin" or "modest" in English defines a Filipina in the old times. However, after all these colonization from Spain, USA and Japan, the image of a Filipina have changed a lot. We are no longer mahinhin, Filipinas have found their voices, so loud, it can save a country. Truly, the modern Maria Clara have come a long way. 

The book is a compilation of 29 stories/ poems all together. Disminoriya is the Filipino word for dysmenorrhea which is the term used for painful menstruation. I have thought of this title because in reality, the pain is what makes us women, stronger. 

The Early Birds

That's me signing a book!

Our first buyer!
Ghersie Francisco opened the event with his fabulous poem!

Rocelle Vilog is an inspiration! She delivered this perfect talk that reflects the position of women in the Philippine society. Lapis sa Kalye supports their group, NAWAYA!

Lapis sa Kalye's very own Dudong Daga 

Frozen Hart was there!

Titik Poetry was there!

Shine Bennet holding the mic and pouring her heart out!

Grace & Karla

Positivo Uno from the block!

I was so tired in the end, but it was so worth it to fly to Manila and meet these awesome people. Such a pleasure to be a part of this growing community of word lovers!

Disminoriya is only PHP 250. Just add another PHP 50 for shipping. You may send your orders to our page: Lapis sa Kalye


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