My Notebook Collection


I love notebooks. I love collecting them. 

Smelling the new pages. The thought of writing in them when the time comes. Thinking of what to write in them! Endless possibilities!

I don't believe that I have more notebooks than I need in a lifetime. I always find something to write, whether it's a story, poem, my thoughts at that time, organizing bills, all kinds of list, planning for the future... the list goes on. 

In this post, I am going to share some of my notebooks and what I write in them. 

This is a notebook I brought from Papemelroti when I was still in college. I can't remember how much it costs, but this notebook was filled with poems, lessons from books I read, my plan for the future, and lists!

This was way back 2006 so excuse me for the bad grammar and spelling mistakes. Above is a love poem, I was fond of writing such. At this time, I was still in a relationship with another person (not my husband). I was 17 years old!

There goes the list of goals in life!

When I was young, I dreamed of being rich someday. So I thought of making a plan! I read lots of books from Robert Kiyosaki to Donald Trump. I am now 27 and still not rich. I hope my younger version doesn't mind, I hope she's not disappointed. 

Here's another notebook where I have written stuff last year. 

Here, I have put in how I can promote our group, Lapis sa Kalye, also the re-evaluation of its members. On the second page, there's a story I was working on entitled Meatball Club. That was the draft, list of characters and roles and how the story will go. 

Above is the page where I wrote my #strangelit story entitled "31st". The illustration on the right is how I imagined Felicia, the main character to be - long curly hair! That is how I plan what to write, listing the scenes from chapter to chapter. 

LAH is Cantonese slang, so I thought it was really funny, plus it was cheap.  It's still empty but I thought of writing my Hong Kong experiences in the above notebook. 

I brought the above from Disneyland Hong Kong. Yes, I'm a Frozen fan. And yes, it's still empty. Not really sure what I'm going to write here. I'm thinking of writing children's book in the future so I'll probably write it here for more inspiration. It's hard bound. Does anyone wants this notebook?

I brought them last year and it's still empty. Also, I love the movie. 

This notebook was expensive, I brought it anyway and already have 3 pages filled with poems. I hope I will be able to fill it up with more poems!

The above is an example of a Filipino poem I have written. Something to do with being scared with zombies. I find myself fascinated with this fear. If there will be a zombie apocalypse, I think I'm ready to smash some heads (and brains). 

Here are planners that never get filled. (Sigh!) The truth is only January - February portions were filled, and the rest were... (insert another sigh!).

The below is a diary last 2014 - 2015. I don't want to re-read it, there are a lot of sad memories in there. :(


I brought the below along with the "To Lah or Not to Lah" notebook. It was actually cheap and easy to write on. I am using this notebook right now to write about my 2016 writing projects particularly Disminoriya and The Aswang Virus. I know I'm leading a pug life. Haha!

I will have 2 Europe trips this year so that's why I brought two. 

In the Cat Life notebook, I put in my financials, my credit card bills, mortgage, other bills and savings. (Writing is not really my hobby, hahaha!)

My favorite of all is this small moleskin notebook, it's easy to carry wherever I go. 

I put in notes about my travel to Iran. 

And notes about my Peru trip. 

Notes about my Central Vietnam trip. 

I have more notebooks in my parent's home and in Cebu and I do hope I can see and compile them altogether in one place. These notebooks will be my horcruxes because I am leaving a part of me in each page, that's how it feels like. 

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