Dear Diary: Kung Hei Fat Choy!


I have not been able to do a lot of writing because the past few days were spent netflixin', watching Pretty Little Liars only to find out that they still have not been able to solve who A is, however I'm sure they are pretty close on knowing the truth as they have already concluded one thing and no, I won't put any spoilers here. I have one question though, why is it that netflix don't show season 2? Is this to encourage people to buy DVDs? Strangely annoying as you are already spending money on Netflix, I mean okay, it's not a big amount, but it's still money. I guess Netflix is only good for movies, no? 

Anyhow, this blogpost will be about welcoming the Year of the Monkey. Kung Hei Fat Choy everyone! The good news is, I'm not broke while writing this post, and I have a good feeling that there will be lots of blessings for the whole year. We all talked about money is not important in life, however I dare to disagree. I definitely need money, and I do have a peace of mind now that emergency fund has existed. Although, I must admit that I really need to work harder to cut off my expenses and try to save more money. I wanted to do or buy the things that I like without breaking the piggy bank. I have developed some techniques over the months and the first one, is how to use credit card your way. You know when they said that buying using credit cards will make you want to spend more. Well, as long as it's something you need, then I don't see any problem with that. 

The first thing I am proud of is buying books from my credit card's cash dollars. This cash dollars is what you get when you pay using credit card, this points are accumulated to cash dollars and then you will be able to spend the money. Here are the books I brought this week: 
  • The Portable Veblen by Elizabeth Mckenzie
  • #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
The magazines, Monocle and National Geographic were brought home by the hubby. Haha, that's the second tip: Find someone who can lend or buy you reading materials. There's gotta be a way to find reads without having to pay that much. 

Another good news is I have hiked twice already for the month of February. I wanted to be physically active again and to lose this weight built by just sitting my ass around for months. 

Bad news is I got sick two days ago. I have been recovering at home, eating congee, drinking lemon water and medicine and getting lots of sleep. I can't be sick for the whole three days I'm off from work. I plan to work out and write. 

Meanwhile, when I was feeling better earlier, the husband and I explored around the market to buy our Chinese New Year plant. Everyone seemed to be in a cheerful mood as they buy flowers, food, balloons and whatever stuff. Here are some photos I took:
I couldn't help but laugh at this: Elsa and Iron Man! 

Afterwards, we had a food trip, we got cheese and kimchi udon and pies, totally skipping a proper dinner. When I get home, I managed to still write a review of The SEA is Ours, it was long overdue and I'm happy I finally accomplished my responsibility. I love blogging about books as you get to read books for free (that will be the third tip!). It will soon be published in if my review pass.

Well, let me end this post here, and try to get some more rest. It's only the first day of the 4-day holiday and I really need all the energy I can get. 

Good night bookworms! :) 

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