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The Netflix series "Narcos" is just insane. I never knew who Pablo Escobar was until I watched the whole 10 episodes. The story was based on a true to life story of the most notorious drug lord in South America during the 80's in Colombia. It was fascinating, despite of the worst things the main character did. Remember Breaking Bad? Pablo Escobar was worst showing no conscience at all to those who try to capture or betrayed him. Mercy was never in his vocabulary. He was so powerful and rich that he tried to control the Colombia government. Netflix was so successful in creating a villain, that in fact while watching the series, I wouldn't want Pablo to be dead, I just want the series to go on and on. The DEA became the villain in trying to stop him, and I would just be amazed by how Pablo would be one step ahead. Netflix has created a perception where you would want to side with bad, even though you know he's the worst person who lived. It showed Pablo's philosophy, he treats himself like a god. I even found myself admiring the machismo, even if in the real life, I think I would throw up if I met a person so full of himself (Sorry, I live in this side of the world where women do things for herself and don't usually fall for this). I believe there will be a second season, so yes, I'm looking forward to it. 

When I searched about what the family have been to now, I found articles and more shows to watch. Here's one article: stating how the consequences affected Pablo's family 2 decades after his death. Also, I found a documentary entitled "Sins of my Father" where his son related his experience. After watching the series, I found myself curious with all these as I have always been interested about history. 

[During one of the training at work, our boss mentioned history of eastern Europe and I'm surprised that I have not heard about it, which means I need to learn more. Chinese history is one area I might want to focus on later, however I couldn't find any good materials to start with. Stuff in Wikipedia sounds complicated. You see, I would need a good storytelling, in order for me to get interested and to be able to invest my time.] 

Mac suggested that I look into to find if an article I found online is a fact or a hoax. I found nothing on it. Instead, I went to reddit and there's so much articles about Pablo Escobar in there. I also found out that Wagner Moura, who played Pablo Escobar effectivly in the Netflix series supports 50forFreedom which fights modern day slavery. Anyway, I love how the characters in the series speak Spanish, men, those curse! As you know there is a small percentage of Spanish in the Filipino language. How they say "Puta" which translates to "Bitch" with that expression is so... amusing, I remember how my Mom would shout at me, calling me that word. Haha!

I rate Narcos 5 out of 5. 

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