Dear Diary: First Two Weeks of the Year



How was your first two weeks of January so far?

Weather in my side of the world got colder and I'm struggling especially in the morning, when I need to wake up and go to work. I love my job, but really, I feel so sick every morning. I would throw up, followed by an unbearable headache that even my coffee couldn't cure it. I'm not pregnant, don't worry.  Sometimes, I think it would be a waste of time going to a doctor, firstly the medical fee is expensive and they pretty much act like a robot. The last one I've been to was the one near Kwai Fong MTR station, he would ask and I would answer, he would then type my answers in the computer, repeat 'til fade. Sometimes, I wonder if he was googling my symptoms and all that. In the end, he gave me a bunch of medicine, that I know that if I took all of those, my kidney won't be able to make it. In the end, of those 50 tablets, I only took 2 paracetamols. Of course, I'm not crazy.

At the beginning of the year, Mac and I went to this dentist who is my colleague's friend. And men, she really treat us right. In the end, I concluded that it's better if you go to a recommended doctor by your friend or family, I guess those professionals will do their job better if they know they have been recommended by someone they knew. The only disadvantage with going to Stella's clinic is it's too far for us, they're near the Shenzhen boarder and it took us more or less an hour to get there. 

A good news: Netflix finally reached Asia! I signed up and have been enjoying the first month for free. So far, I am done watching "How to Get Away with Murder" and "Making a Murderer". The first one, is a tv series with smart characters, while the latter is a documentary with stupid justice system. I think Steven Avery - the convicted in the documentary deserved a lawyer like Annalise Keating. Yes, a female lawyer, that's right!

That was Mac and I during our check-up
The above shows the 'glow in the dark' world map I purchased in Log On. I find it inspiring and educational at the same time to stare at this. I am very much excited with my planned travels for this year, I have a feeling that my target destination will be reachable this year. That of course means, I need to save lots of money, which means, no shopping unless it's necessary, and try to cook at home as much as we can. 

Another highlight of the first two weeks was when I took photos of Lucille Jade, my friend's daughter one Sunday afternoon. She's really cute! The afternoon was also spent catching up with friends, talking about career, travels and babies. A lot of them were anticipating that I would be the next one to get pregnant, but then again... maybe not this year. It's an ultimate dream to be a mother but there's always this statement by my Mother when I was a teenager and dating. "Don't get pregnant, if you don't have money. Don't get pregnant when you're still studying. Don't get pregnant when you're unstable." These statements stick with me and have become a philosophy. She got a point, but I found myself finding excuses every time, and I am not getting any younger. Sometimes I feel scared. That it may not be for me... that I may end up alone. On my own. 


Enough of that negativity.

Let's keep on looking at the positive side, shall we? (I told you, my life's a series of ups and downs!)

I have been writing too. I pledged to write 10,000 words with the theme "first" in wattpad. I decided to write the first experiences during my travels, the memoir is entitled "Unang Halik" or "First Kiss" in English. I still have a long way to go, but I really am enjoying it, although sometimes I have to admit that I was running out of ideas. 

I will upload it in the blog once I'm done with it. I'm quite positive about this. 

Mac and I met some old and new friends too. See our smiles below. I think we both enjoyed that evening. It has been a long time since we last went out with "our" friends. Sometimes I would only have "my" friends and him tagging along. This time it's more of common friends so it feels different. We felt like grown ups. I know, we're actually grown ups, but sometimes, that 18-year old you got stuck to the bones, that we almost have that feeling of being young. Forever. Sometimes, Mac would tell me he wanted to be an immature forever, oh how I wanted to slap him in the face! 

Before we went out that evening, Mac and I visited ate Doris in the hospital before her operation in the gall bladder. Ate Doris was one of my travel buddies, she's the age of my Mom, but we hang out like we're the same age. I learned a lot from her, from her life experiences and we care deeply for her. She's still in the hospital now recovering from the operation. 

My Dad got something in his stomach too. I have not seen him yet, unfortunately even if they only live 15 mins. walking distance from my home. I saw him last New Year's eve when they visited me in my little flat. I cooked spaghetti and fried chicken and even made a salad. 
"We just became so busy that we forgot our parents are getting old. "

I called him last night but he only called me back this morning. A simple conversation went on, asking how he was feeling, if he already ate, if it still hurts. He then reminded me to pay my storage bill which I always mean to forget, then the "I love you's" before hanging up the phone. This 2016, I should make it a point to give my family the time. 

I think for the year 2016, being kind to others should be added to my New Year's Resolution too. I want to be more selfless, and start focusing on how to help others.

I know one of my writing tip is having a structure, but I wrote this post without really thinking of a structure. This post shows the random experience I get to have in two weeks, 

"A series of ups and downs, of happiness and sadness, then the realization. Anyhow, there's no choice but to enjoy the bittersweet."

I'll end this post now. I hope you enjoyed and see the positive in your first two weeks of the year too. May we have more lessons to learn this 2016!

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