(Originally posted in my Facebook Notes, 31 Dec. 2015)

This is the year I realized I am not invincible, I was not aware it’s even possible for me to experience such sorrows and heartaches I never knew even existed. But hey, I got out alive. I never usually posted things like this on my Facebook, I usually put this musings in my personal blog, where only strangers wander. Of course, I would mostly post the rainbow stuff that’s happening in my life, but I never wanted to show my weakness. I was ashamed. 
However, now I’m proud of such weaknesses, as those are the things that make me who I am. People come and go, but I’m grateful for those who stayed giving me the foundation to stand up again and push through.
2015 is the year when I cancelled two trips because of my health issues. I lost friends and trust, it has truly been a crazy ride. I learned a lot and that’s the most important thing.
Good news is I bounced back stronger than ever, ready to conquer the world once again, even managed to present to you the highlights of my 2015 - the positive things that remind me to be more optimistic. :)

I attended the Sinulog for the first time, and it was amazing! Witnessing how people celebrate faith is just... amazing.

Published Lapis sa Kalye's first book ever: PENDULUM; Men, that memorable day in Rizal park

Taiwan Trip with my dear colleague!

And seeing that sun gently going down, swallowed by Taiwan's gigantic mountains was majestic.

The time when we launched the PENDULUM book and met our long time readers. Also, we met Mr. Ebe Dencel (yes, there's a celebrity for our launching) :D

April: And who would forget that Bonsai tree in Guilin, China? This is when we travelled by bullet train for the first time. My travel buddies and I really had a blast!

That's another picture with the tribe people during our travel to Guilin.

The mountains of Guilin

Haha, that time when we hiked and ate BBQ like there's no tomorrow.

This is also the year when my Mom launched her own Philippine shop in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. I'm so proud of her. :)

That lovely trip to Hoi An, Vietnam was so memorable. Cheers to us my love. I'm still in love. :)

We tried learning how to fish. Mac caught 2 fishes, I caught none. :(

Then, I tour lead for the first time in this wonderful country of Iran. I learned a lot and I'm so proud of myself. Imagine, an introverted tour leader. Haha!

And best of all, I traveled to Peru and visited Machu Picchu.

Still, I believe that 2015 is a gift!
I also went back to part time school, hopefully aiming for that diploma in Hong Kong University. And I did a lot of writing, I purchased my own domain (www.cindycanwrite.com) and started writing in Wattpad again (Wattpad.com/princesscindz). Aside from PENDULUM, I successfully published two more books: “31st” and “Titser, May I Go Out”, the latter will be soon on bookstores. I couldn’t be more satisfied and happier. There are still a lot of good moments that happened this year, I will probably edit this post every now and then.To my friends and family, thank you for taking this journey with me. I’m looking forward for our adventures next year. So long, 2015! I was born ready for you, 2016. :)

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