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     We finally moved! Yes, you read it right! I, with my dear best friends Sheena Dela Cruz and Carrie Cheng just moved to a new condominium. This has been a long dream of ours ever since we were youngsters, and it felt surreal that we are finally doing our own thing, reaching our long time dream. We have known each other since grade school, when we were ten year olds, we went to the same school in Santa Barbara, a town not so far from Manila. I was a young boy then, who have never experienced being in-love, but I knew from myself that I have always fancy being a girl with a long hair. I need to mention that I do have three sisters, Clarita the eldest of us all who's always the disciplinary. She helped our Mom who solely established our meatball business that until this very moment continues to grow. Our Dad died when I was still eight years old leaving us a small fortune. Mom couldn't have handled it alone but with Clarita's help who was fifteen at that time, the meatball club business started and boomed.
     Martina is the second child of the family who is five years younger that of Clarita. Martina is my best friend, probably because of the age gap between the two of us. She's the first person I have admitted about my being gay, to which she replied that she have known all along. Martina is now working as a nurse in a local hospital in Santa Barbara. Even though she have the opportunity and chance to go abroad, it is never an option for her, you see she always have the good heart to help other people in need even if the amount of my allowance is bigger than her current salary. She is the humble one, the Mother Teresa of the family. 
     Then there's our youngest Patricia who acted more boy-like than me. She's four years younger of my age yet she speaks like older than my age. She is the athletic type, she exercises everyday of her life and currently she is working as a P.E. teacher, she even cut her hair very short which suited her angelic face. She have always known what she wanted in life and with that I am jealous. If I could be granted with one wish, I would wish to have her female body, and she could have mine. Anyway, she's a lesbian. 
     So that's my family which speaks for the environment that I had upon growing up. There was never a dull moment in my life. Then I met Sheena and Carrie, my best-est friends of all time. Growing up, we always had this conversation of living in a city, to live in one three-bedroom condominium and owning our own business. As youngsters, we used to brainstorm where we were good at. We tried selling snacks or merienda as they call it every 3 - 5 pm in the afternoon. We will sell banana cue, kamote cue, turon, ginataan, and many more known Philippine snacks. People loved our products. Clarita will sometimes asks us to sell meatballs to our suki, that while we offer our merienda products, we can also sell them something for dinner. 
     For a year, we three have always thought that this was our calling. Until one day, they found a dead woman near St. Patrick River, the police could not find any clue to why this woman was killed and who killed her. As that was the first time it happened in our very peaceful town, the humble town of Santa Barbara do not have the technology or the manpower to find out the answers to those questions. Santa Barbara was not ready to face this kind of crime. That was our first project, Sheena, Carrie and I went hunting for clues and analyzed the case ourselves. We interviewed witnesses and days later, we found out a breakthrough and solved the case, to which the mayor granted us a certificate and the police were very thankful. 
     We then realized that we are more suited to this kind of job. We can help people who seeks justice, may he or she be alive or dead. We felt a sense of adventure, we felt a sense of importance to our little society. We decided to continuously help the police in Santa Barbara for a few more years. We helped them solved many cases that dealt with crimes such as murders and theft. Sometimes it will take us a few days, sometimes a few months, but never an unsolved case. We never had the formal education to learn all that is to learn but let me tell you, it's all common sense! That is all you need to investigate, you must have the both the heart and brain to seek what must be found. 
     Years later, Santa Barbara finally got the proper technology and trained manpower to solve and investigate crimes and other cases. That was our signal to finally moved to the next big thing. We are going to open our own detective agency. And so here we are, moved to the very busy Spring City, in a controversial building called Building 325. 
     This is my first blog entry in my website as well, and I couldn't be more excited and thrilled in what's going to happen next! Stay tuned peeps!

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