Dear Diary: The List 2016


Yesterday late evening, I have listed the goals for year 2016, and which some I would like to share here in this post. I realized that making lists help to make sure you stay on track, even though it may not be possible to accomplish everything in it. The sky is the limit when I thought about the list of goals for next year, however I also needed to be realistic too and considered my limitations when it comes to my ability, time and financial status.

Let's review 2015's goals first:

  1. Travel to Guilin and Batanes
  2. Graduate and get my diploma
  3. Build a wall in my Cebu house's backyard
  4. Learn Cantonese
  5. Get a new and cheap flat in Hong Kong
  6. Open an investment account in the Philippines
With the above list, I managed to accomplish traveling to Guilin, getting a new flat in Hong Kong and opening an investment account in the Philippines. Still, not so bad - accomplishing almost 50% of the goals. I am grateful and very thankful. 2015 has been a colorful adventure - a separate post will soon be made. There were good times and bad times, but miraculously, I managed to get out of it alive. I did not manage to go to Batanes, but I have been blessed to visit Iran and Peru. I have not graduated yet, but I am still studying, doing my best to earn that diploma (there's midterm exam this week, I promise to study this weekend!). I still have not learned speaking Cantonese fluently, but I'll say I have improved the vocabulary list compared to the one I had last year. 

There are also those unlisted goals because you think it is not possible to be achieved. And when those things finally happened, you then knew in your heart that you have wanted it all along. You realized that you have SECRETLY wished, hoped and prayed for it to happen. 

This time, I have more than 20 on the list and probably more will be added, but here are the main ones I would really like to work hard on:
  1. Continue writing my stories. (Spoiler alert!) Watch out for Disminoriya, The Meatball Club Series, The Adventure of Blogger Girl. 
  2. Publish my old works either on Wattpad and print hard copies to sell in my Mom's shop. 
  3. Travel to UK, Australia and India. 
  4. Print a photo book with the best pictures I took.
  5. Take 3 subjects for my course. 
  6. Make a film with my friend Jessie.
  7. Build a wall in my Cebu House's backyard (from 2015 goals).
  8. Earn an income from Cebu House.
For those goals that have not been able to be achieved, it may be time to re-think if it's worth it to still pursue it. Maybe you can include it in the list again some other time, but maybe not this time. There are those goals as well that you really dreamed of doing but have been unsuccessful, in that case, 

NEVER GIVE UP. Keep going, keep the dream alive. 

That will be all from me today, dream high and work that ass. :) 

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