Chronicles of an Introvert II: Movie Marathon, Books Overload and A Christmas Shopping List


Welcome to the second wave of The Chronicles of an Introvert. Here, I would like to share with you what made my world go around aside from office work, stuff that includes movies I have watched for the past 2 - 3 weeks, stuff about travels and books, and yes, a shopping list ('cause I know that shopping can be a pain too!). 

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MOVIE CLUB (Reviews and recommendations)

Last Halloween, we got the chance to watch Goosebumps - which was because my younger brother was too young to watch another preferred movie. We got stuck with it, anyway we gave it a chance. The story revolved around RL Stine (played by Jack Black) and the characters of his books coming to life. A curious (almost stupid) teenager named Zach (played by Dylan Minette) helped to save the town. By the way, it was also his fault why those monsters came into life, so he gotta do what he gotta do. Up to now, I still don't know why people in horror movies got so curious with things that are none of their business, then they get themselves or the whole town into trouble! I still don't get 
I have read RL Stine's books when I was still a teenager, I didn’t have much choices then and I only relied with borrowing from my friends or from the library. What I like about RL Stine's novels is that it has a variety of creative imagination with scary characters, it does not really give me the real goosebumps because I was old enough to understand at that time, that those are only "stories". R.L. Stines books are page turners and he tries to give you a thrill while reading it. As a teenager, I liked his books, but I eventually moved on. The movie was funny and shallow, yet still some scenes were unexpected. I had fun watching it, that I felt like a teenager again, you know, "naive". My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars. 
Dealing with the long flight
I just came back from Peru, with a transit in Texas via American Airlines. Comparatively, airfare is cheap, however i am not used to the casual treatment of its staff (I will write more about the experience in my blog). Anyway, during the 24 hrs. flight to Peru, I needed to entertain myself, so aside from reading, sleeping and talking to myself, I had watched the following:
  • The Diary of a Teenage Girl - Rating: 5 out of 5 stars; I adore this movie, perfectly described the exploration of sexuality at the age where everything tends to be so confusing. 
  • Paper Towns - Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars; It is a YOLO kind of story, it’s quite alright, but the story revolved too much around going out of your comfort zone and doing whatever you wanted, and somehow I think it's a bit one sided.
  • Trainwreck - Rating: 4 out of 5 stars; The movie was so funny that I kept on laughing here and there. This is your real feel-good movie guys!
  • If I Stay - Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars; I couldn’t help but cry on this one. It shows how life can change when you least expect it, and the storytelling was so good! Too much realization on this movie. 

The Wunderlist App
Anyone else keeping a list of the movies they have watched or books that they read? Or is it only me? Who else use the Wunderlist? Please raise your hands. I also use this application so I can keep track on the things that I need to do. I find it helpful especially if you have so much things you need to accomplish. However, a warning: making list can be addictive!
Bookworm Alert: Titser, May I Go Out 

The e-book is now live on the buqo application guys! And it's simple to get a copy. Firstly, download the buqo app from iTunes or Google play, then search for Titser, May I Go Out or simply click here: For PHP 120, you can read a collection of Filipino school short stories written by Lapis sa Kalye authors. A big thank you as well to Andoyman for our very reminiscent cover. 
Titser, May I Go Out
"Naaalala mo pa ba? Ang silid na naturingan ng ikalawang tahanan? Ang mga taong itunuring nating ikalawang ina’t ama? Ang mga librong pinabalatan at iningatan? Naalala mo pa ba? Ang mga tawana’t iyakan sa silid? Ang mga kwadernong pinuno ng mga sulatin? Ang mga eksameng kay hirap sagutin? Naalala mo pa ba? Sila Ma’am at Sir? Si Manong Guard at Kuyang Janitor Ang striktang Principal at Guidance Counselor? Naalala mo pa ba? Ang isa sa naghinang sa iyong pagkatao? Ang nabigay sayo ng grado? Ang sumubok sa kakayanan mo? Ang dahilan upang magsigasig ka sa buhay mo? Hawak mo ngayon ang kuwento ng iyong sarili. Naalala mo pa ba?"
Travel: Newly launched Instagram account 
I have launched my new Instagram account which focused on my travel photography. It was my sister's idea to put so much hashtags to reach other people who are interested in the same subject. My previous posts consist of previous travels to New Zealand, South Africa, Philippines and many more others. To see the collection, you may head down to this link:
Here are some of my favorite shots: 

Keeping a separate Instagram account with appropriate hashtags can help you connect with like minded travelers. I'm so glad that Instagram is now more flexible with the sizes and offers more filters. I still recommend putting your watermark to protect your photos. 

Lastly, how’s your shopping list going? 
Now that Halloween is over, I'm sure you can smell Christmas in the air? It's that time of the year to buy gifts for your love ones again. Here are my favorite new finds for this season! 
  • Give Sadness for more happiness! (Available in The Katberry Collection for only PHP 1,500). The character Sadness is so famous right now, I never would have thought that she would be my favorite character from the movie, Inside Out. 
  • Body Scrub from The Body Shop for your Mom or for your sissy! I love the smell of green tea rubbing in my skin. Seriously, it's so relaxing! (Note that scrubbing is only done 2x a week, okay?)
  • Mitch Albom’s New book “The Magic of Strings of Frankie Presto” for bookworms. This is the latest from Mitch Albom, okay enough said. 

The Incredible Truths e-book is still available in Buqo for only PHP 250. My novella 31st, along with other 9 incredible stories can be found in the said compilation. The ebook was formed under the #Strangelit class organized by Ms. Mina Esguerra. There was a book launch last month, unfortunately I didn't managed to attend. Anyhow, the below cover was also created by Andoyman. I love how it fits perfectly with the story. 

  • Creative tumblers from Japan for the coffee addicts (Available in The Katberry Collection for only PHP 900). I wish I have more space, but my mugs were already complaining for not having a proper space. 
  • PS4 for the men in your life may it be your brother, father, boyfriend or husband! 

That will be all for today folks! If you like what you just read, do send me your feedback, comments or suggestions. I would very much love to hear from you. 

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