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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Titser, May I Go Out?

It's a real struggle to publish one book, but isn't it a bliss to publish two books in one month? 

I have been a member of Lapis sa Kalye, Hindi Ito Ang Normal Mong Nababasa page for around five years now, that long that they seemed like an extended family to me. You know what? One day, I am going to write a book about our adventures together which all started online. We chat everyday and keep up with each other's lives - we talk about anything under the sun. We support one another through the tough times. We've been through a lot this year, and we just lost two great friends. I miss them, but sometimes things requires time to heal. And who knows, maybe one day our paths will cross again. 

Anyway in this post, I would like to talk about our second book which will be released in a few weeks. 

Our second book, "Titser, May I Go Out" is a collection of short stories filled with school memories during the time when Facebook was not yet alive, when people communicate using landlines and love letters. It's nice to reminisce those good old days, that whenever I feel down, I would just pick a memory and would think about it like it's yesterday. There were really bad ones, which at that time I regret the most, however when I looked back at it now, I would just let out a chuckle. 

I just saw a review about the book and I couldn't be happier today:
"Nasa mga unang pahina pa lang ako ng Titser, May I Go Out?, pakiramdam ko ay na-ibalibag na ako sa mga panahong ako’y nakaupo rin sa loob ng klasrum at natutuwa sa mga inilalahad sa aking kakaibang bagay ng mga titser ko. Bumalik sa akin ang mga alaala nang aking buhay estudyante, kasama na ang mga “firsts”: unang beses na umibig, unang beses na umiyak, unang beses na nagpakalasing at humiga sa kalsada, unang beses na magkulong sa loob ng kwarto kasama ang bagong-kilalang babae—patunay na mabisa ang gayuma ng mga akda sa librong ito upang mai-konekta ang malay ng mambabasa sa may-akda. Tagumpay ang LSK sa proyektong ito, at bukod sa tatawa ka, matututo at mapapa-isip ka pa: napakaraming kwento sa loob ng klasrum na mukhang hindi maiisip na kapupulutan ng aral; kailangan mo lang palang tingnan ito sa ibang banda para masabing Shet! Oo nga ‘no? Pero sa huli, ano bang sinasabi ng libro? Malayo na tayo sa angas ni Holden Caulfield ng Pencey Prep; malayo na tayo sa ka-astigan ni Jojo; Hindi sasabihin sa iyo ng librong ito na dapat mag-aral kang mabuti, o na dapat e pagsipagan mo. Sa halip, sasabihin sa iyo ng libro na magsisisi ka kung pababayaan mo. Kaya naman, isa na ito sa listahan ng mga ipapabasa ko sa mga estudyante ko."
-Don Vittorio C. Villasin
Don is our page's long time friend, who was there from the beginning and we're grateful that he is there for the page until now. He already have published two books via PSICOM entitled "Bitter" and "That Shitty Thing Called Forever". Even though I have never met this man in person, he's definitely the man to trust (he's currently a History teacher, what's not to like?).

Anyway, I can't wait to hold the paperback book in my hand once it's done printing. Stories I have written here were all based from those unforgettable past. :) 


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