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Good news as it is, the novella I have been working last month is finally live at My novella entitled 31st will be under the Incredible Truths bundle.

Cover photo is an art work by Andoyman

Felicia just moved to Spring City, a thriving city which has surpassed the grandeur of any city in the Philippines. She was hoping to forget bad memories and to pick herself up again. The city was majestic and people she met were friendly, there's the helpful guard named Kanor and the good looking botanist next door, Chris. She also met a self-proclaimed witch with an eccentric hairstyle named Carlotta, who warned her never to open her door whatever happens on the 31st of October. Felicia was cynical, and she eventually forgot about the warning.
One evening after a nice date with Mr. Botanist, the doorbell in her apartment rang. Without even thinking of Carlotta's advice, she opened the door and found no one. Instead, she felt a gust of wind in her face. When she turned around, she almost fainted when she saw two weird looking creatures sitting in her living room.
I have posted the first few pages in my Wattpad  account so just go to this link to read it:

There is a total of 10 stories in the Incredible Truths bundle, all under the fantasy genre. It was the product of the #strangelit class lead by Ms. Mina Esguerra, along with the mentors: Kate Evangelista, Budjette Tan, Marian Tee and Paolo Chikiamco. The class itself was sponsored by Buqo, and whoever complied with the deadline and finished their work was guaranteed to be included in the bundle. I rummage my brain for imagination and proper grammar and after several sleepless nights, I came up with a 40-pages novella. It is my first English full length novella so yeah, I can say that I'm quite proud of myself. :)

For an introductory prize of PHP 90, you can get the below e-books under the Incredible Truths bundle:

We also have a youtube trailer made by Anne Plaza!

Writing the novella tested my patience and determination, but the teachers and my fellow classmates in this class motivated me. In this class, we got all the support that we needed. It was the hard work of 10 writers, and it created something beautiful.

There will be a book launch this coming 24 Oct in Recession Coffee - Eastwood City from 2:00 - 4:00 pm. Here's the official book launch event on Facebook:

The truth is I'm still weighting if I should fly to Manila for this event (airfare is quite expensive). Anyhow, I applied for leave on those days, and I will only know by next week if it will be approved or not. I really hope I can join the book launch. I would love to meet the mentors and my fellow authors. Of course, you're invited too! :)

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