Love Letters in Spring Time no. 2: The Perfect Day


A perfect day is when I wake up,
Sun shines so bright, skies perfectly blue,
Before I sip my morning coffee,
I shall smell the perfect hue.
I then remember to visit the mailbox,
To get the morning newspaper,
Oh how I felt a tremendous delight,
When I saw your letter. 
Properly sealed, I opened carefully,
Slowly unfolded the letter in my hands,
Preceeded to read your familiar writing,
Savouring every word that lands.
You said you're fine and you miss me
You wished you could speed up time,
You hoped so much for the future,
You wanted to confess your mind.
Wondering what it is you wanted to say,
Struggled to think what could it be,
Is it what I have always wanted to hear,
Three words, 8 letters, are we?

(Picture Credits to Mr. Pascal Campion)

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