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I wish my life can simply go on like that - eat, read and write, and then I get paid for it. Alas, writing can't cover my mortgage, left alone my food budget for everyday, so writing for me now is a hobby. I think I mentioned in this blog before that I have managed to access my Wattpad account which I have opened four years ago and slowly, I'm trying to write again. Of course, since I have been very busy with the Pendulum book, I have not been able to update for the past months, however I am overwhelmed by the comments and votes my stories received. Note that these stories were written four years ago when I don't have any sense of grammar correctness. I'm not saying that I do have it now, but I think a lot have improved or deteriorated, depends on which angle you will look at it. 

Last week, there was this 5 days holiday and what did I do aside from having a marathon of Downton Abbey? I updated the cover photos of my Wattpad stories according to the theme that I wanted. I have put it down below with links to the stories itself. I still have a lot of other written stuffs not uploaded to Wattpad. Some can of course be found in this blog. And some, just sitting in my computer having a world of its own. The said stories below are all written in Filipino, just so you know. I can blog in English, but I don't think I have the talent to write using the universal language.

I went to the Public Library this afternoon, but I failed to find any good manual in writing a novel in English, so I ended up getting two novel books which I am going to share with you on my next post. There are grammar books, and "formulas" (I can't believe this, I thought formula only applies to Math!) on how to make a good philosophical statement. I can't bear it at all so I put it back. 

And so, I told myself that expressing oneself nowadays can come in many forms and that you don't really need a manual. Uniqueness and individuality is very important if you're a writer or an artist, because you definitely don't want to be like anybody else. 

Meanwhile, I am building another plot for a new story, and I'm excited to share it with you guys. I hope I can write it in English. Anyway, it will be coming soon, don't you worry! :)

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  1. It reminds me of eat, pray and love. I wish I could have my hobby as main source of income, but that's not practical. So it's like I am frustrated too. Among the book you have posted, which one do you think is your best written book?

    1. Hi Teri, thank you for your comment. My favorite and what I would say I have put a lot of effort into, is The Campus Story. I always love a good school story, where friendship and love grow. :)


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