Life Presented Me Once Again a Lemon


If there's one thing life has taught me, that is, 'it won't ever stop giving you struggles, challenges and the worst of all, heartaches'. Just when I thought everything is going my way, I can now move forward, it will always have a way of saying "Bitch, you're not done yet, I have so much problems I'm gonna give ya!"

I won't go with the details, but I have experienced fighting for what I wanted and at the moment, I do have a part of what I really wanted, telling myself this is better than nothing. It's a bit depressing, because I knew that I deserved the whole thing. I'm talking about love, people...

I do want that ONE thing, and sometimes I just can't make myself focus on the positive things. I thought I'm all settled, that I'm OK. The experience humbled me, made me pray and be in touch with my inner self, with my family, friends and God. I don't know how long it will go on like this, but I do ask for strength. 

When life gives you lemon, how are you going to make a lemonade? It does mean that whenever life gives you a problem, make the best thing out of it. It sounds so easy but actually it is fucking difficult. A lot of people are giving advices, and my brain got all cramped up, didn't know what to do. I was feeling helpless, I feel helpless. Following my own wisdom, I will only choose to follow my heart and do whatever it takes. 

My question now is this, would you know when to give up? Would you know when to let go?

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