Happy Chinese New Year! - A New Me, A Better Me


For the first time ever, I was left at home alone because Mac chose to celebrate his birthday in the Philippines. I was furious on his decision but I knew that this is also the first time he have decided for himself and somehow, I felt proud that he finally knows what he wants. And so, all I can do is support him in his decision and help him in every way that I can.

In the beginning, I panicked and got scared of that feeling being left on my own. In our flat, I was used to him being around even if most days, we do spend the evening doing stuff with our computer. I dread for that day he will depart, he finally did and I was surprised that I felt OK.

The last evening of being left on my own has finally came, and if there's one thing I realized, that is, it has been fun being on my own. I have been able to take care of myself, I do not need to prepare food for anybody and I could do whatever I want without someone fussing around. I mean he can be annoying at times... Oh well, I miss him though. I found myself thinking about him a lot and counting the days he will come back - that's tomorrow!

Happy Chinese New Year by the way! :)

I have done quite a lot of things while Mac's away. I have spent these past few days doing Zumba, having dimsum, visiting my family, READING BOOKS and watching Ancient Aliens. I also managed to clean the house and join Herbalife. The interesting part is when I visited Herbalife, I was supposed to only accompany my sister who have signed up a week before. I asked the lady to measure my body index and I felt aghast to learn what's going on with my body. I will leave all the disgusting stuff, but in conclusion, it says I needed to lose 45 pounds! That is definitely a lot and will take me so much time. I finally signed up and so the challenge is to follow the advice on a new eating pattern. After two days, I just miss food so much!

I told myself I am going to do this, eat more fruits than rice or bread, exercise more and drink more water. Just this afternoon, I went to a 2-hour session of Zumba and Body Jam, so yeah I'm pretty much proud of myself! - though I confess that I ordered a KFC meal after that. 

My Fitness First Family
Ending this blog post, I think I will not only focus on the financial stuff in my life this year, but also to my health. Health is wealth, remember that! 

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