Bataan - Las Casas Experience


One of the best short trip I had was when we visited the historical place of Bataan. Before we went to Bataan, it is very essential that you do your research. Alas, we only have an overnight to explore the area, given the time we could have explored more. I was inspired to visit Bataan because there is a hotel called Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar which features heritage houses of the Philippines. Walking around the place, I felt I have been transferred back in time a hundred years ago. This hotel is a destination itself, a must visit if you are interested to see how Filipinos in the past live.

Not a lot of people are interested in the workshop tour, so I was the only one being toured. Seeing Filipino talents whether bringing the old back to life, or bringing the new to look like it comes from a different era is soooo cool! 

What the guard looks like wearing the old costume of soldiers who fought for Filipinos. And that's me holding a box of buko pie!

While checking in

Beautiful Sunset! Yes, there's the beach area too where you can do a lot of sports activities. The place is not known to many people that this beach is unspoiled with people. Very serene indeed!

They are the best, singing beautiful Kundiman!

Just one of the wonderful view you can see!

A retreat for me and Mac. I think traveling together makes us closer. Probably one of the secrets to have a happy marriage! :)
Mac's sister, Liezl went with us and we stayed in a duplex style house that is very modern in the inside. Based on the staff service, I will rate this hotel a four star, while if I will based it in the destination, this is definitely a five star.

How we go:
From Pasay bus terminal, we took the Genesis bus going to Balanga Bataan. Once we arrived in Balanga, we took a jeep that takes around 40 mins. to get to Bagac. Just make sure to inform the driver that you would like to visit Las Casas and they will let you know when to get off. We get off in a road where there are lots of tricycle waiting. You do not need to take the tric as it's only 500 meters away, which is what we did. A lot of people who visit the area usually have a car, while we approach the premises by foot. It's so funny, but oh well... what can we do? We do not want to spend money on tric when we can walk seeing fields and mountains.

How much we spent:
Accommodation with breakfast and tours: PHP 6,000+ (booked through
Lunch & dinner: PHP 1,500 per meal for 3 persons x 2 meals = PHP 3,000
Bus: PHP 210 per person per way
Souvenirs (cup, t-shirt, book): PHP 5,200

It is possible to visit the area without staying overnight because they also offer day tours.

Again, very memorable and I will surely come back to see the other sights and probably to experience the beach.

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