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For the past weeks, I am getting busy and working on, you guess? My Writing Career!

I am very excited for this book that I am working on, along with my other co-authors. I am very proud to say that this is very original Filipino literature.

I have been a part of Lapis sa Kalye (Pencil in the Street) for four years and because life happens, I stopped writing there for two to three years? Can you imagine that? I guess the reason was I changed jobs and I became very occupied with other things, such as researching where to travel next.

Writing was my first love and I mean, it still is. With so many thoughts going through my head every single hour of the day, I know I need to write it down to keep myself sane.

So anyway, I found my Wattpad account and discovered several stories I have posted there. And dear me! I can't believe how one story have reached so many readers. I am thankful that although I have not been able to be active for three years, my stories are working their way through. Here is the link to my wattpad account and shall you have the time, feel free to visit it:

Here are some of the stories I have posted:

Building 325

Matagal ng pangarap ni Aliza ang maging isang manunulat. Kung kaya naman matapos makapag ipon ng kaunti ay tumungo siya sa isang siyudad kung saan niya balak simulan ang karera sa pagsusulat. Ngunit isang hindi inaasahan ang mangyayari, paano niya ito malalagpasan? Isang istorya na may samut samong pakiramdam, mababaliw ka. :)

Bedroom Stories
Story of 5 friends, their triumphs, family affairs, friendship, love story and of course, their sex lives.

Sakit ng Kahapon
Paano nga ba kalimutan ang dating minamahal? Paanong ang bilis nilang makalimot, habang ang mga naiiwan ang nagdurusa? Mga alaala ng isang babaeng umibig at nasaktan...

A Campus Story

This is a story about 7 people that are just getting started with their college life. They are all freshman with fresh dreams, but along the way, they will encounter different struggles, different adventures, they will fail, they will fall in love and the best of all, they will discover a lot of things about themselves.

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