Reaching Quarter Life


I finally turned 25 just this last week and I couldn't be happier. 

My colleagues have been awesome during the office hours. They treated me for a nice 3-course lunch, they brought me ice cream, sweet bread and a card. Who wouldn't love that? They are just the sweetest and I really do appreciate what they've done to make me feel special. Now, I need to remember their birthdays and do the same as well. I assure you that if you do something special to that birthday person, they will forever appreciate you. Our company have celebrated my birthday before, but since every time it's my birthday, I will take a day off because we were given a birthday leave which we can use. So yeah, I felt grateful!

This is their most affordable menu 0_0

Meet the guys and gals who treated me for lunch!

Dessert and coffee go together... always!

No one can say no to cookies and cream and green tea ice cream!

I also would like to mention that my sister have brought me a gift - an Ed Sheeran CD. I kinda demand it, but I felt that she wanted to do it anyway so...

That's me being a happy kid!
Okay, so the evening of 22nd, I was oh so full! I can't even imagine. It was my happiest day ever... My Mom and Dad prepared a fabulous dinner with spaghetti, pizza and cake. Have I written, I was the happiest and luckiest 25th lady celebrating her birthday ever?

Our newest family picture
My husband's wacky face

Turning 25 is a big deal for me because I am now entering the chapter of real maturity. My plans will have to move to a higher level, I should look at the future and see clearly what I wanted to become and how I wanted to spend my life. 

But above all, I thank God everyday.

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