My Week in Pictures (Hello October!)


It has been a crazy week.

While thousands of people in Hong Kong are protesting, changing their profile pictures to yellow ribbons with black background, sharing videos of the Occupy Central chaos, here I am being a selfish and useless bitch in the society this week. And yes, I am ashamed of it. 

I have been functional in other things that in fact, I managed to meet and catch up with friends. We went hiking and even though I was exhausted, my husband and I went on to moving to a new flat. Yes, it has been tiring and stressful but I'm glad we're done with it. 

Here are the pictures I have taken this long weekend:

At the Pineapple Dam trying not to let my big stomach stick out. This was one of my favorite hiking trail in Hong Kong with its relaxing ambiance and unique feature. We saw a lot of people during the hike as well and because we do not want to queue up for so long, we took the taxi instead. 

It was lovely catching up with these gals! Everyone just needed to breathe and let it all out!
It has been ages since I last saw them and I'm so glad I did this hike with them. 

My little bro looking up to the moon! This was taken when he was helping me moving. He can be both the cutest and most annoying brother ever. He's not little anymore. That afternoon, I went to the basketball court with him so he can practice his killer moves. He won't be a 10-year-old forever, and I'm sure, soon before I knew it he wouldn't need me to accompany him anymore as he will go with his friends more often.

That's our home sweet home right there! A bit boring because there's no internet connection yet, but I'm making the most of the silence by reading books and listening to my music. I miss my brother and my Mom though, my Dad's cooking and my sister's annoying laziness. The flat was newly renovated, it's sooo new that it even smells weird. It needed some human ambiance so second morning we spent there, I finally cooked breakfast which I need to do more now. Living on our own means more chores... huhuhu!

Just downloaded this app and I just miss playing this game! It feels pretty cool that I'm using my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in playing SNAKE with still the Nokia feel. "Brings back a lot of teenager memories!" Another thing to do at home in case of boredom. 

Okay, that's all my sentiments for now. I foresee another crazy week coming so I'm bracing myself. 

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