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Maybe I better stop talking about how busy I am, no?

No don't worry, this post is not going to be about that. Maybe I can think of something random along the way. I always think of what I'm going to post that is worth to read, but this time I am going to post about the random thoughts that runs my head. For the first time, I am going to be MORE carefree with what I'm going to write this time. Let me start with a selfie...

And another one...

Okay, let's proceed!

I had the weirdest dreams these past few days, example two days ago I had an adventure type of dream where I needed to hide myself because the government is looking after me and is going to kill me. I even needed to hide the African little girl in my arms under a blanket so that the soldier watching the grounds will not find us. One stupid guy in my dream turned on the lights, the soldier just looked at him with connected brows and simply ignored him. 

Seriously, I don't know where that dream came from. I remember it was longer that I forgot the rest of the details. Trying to interpret my dream, it's probably because I'm too stressed with work that I was trying to hide from it? That should probably be it, haha! So weird and I remember feeling the thrill. Last night, I had the nicest sexual dream. No, I won't go to details as I would love to keep that with myself. You know those little secrets that really made you happy and you want to keep it to yourself, this tops the list. :)

It's the weekend and I'm listening to Silent Sanctuary (Filipino Band) songs. And now, I feel so relaxed just writing my heart away. I hope my everyday feels like this, unfortunately though, going to work feels like going to war, I mean really. Just thinking about every morning where I needed to rush to the train and people will be like robots looking at their phone. Yes, I'm one of them. I guess I'm living in a world where it will be more reasonable looking at your phone the whole train journey than looking and starting a conversation with people sitting beside you. The truth is, I can't blame them, I would prefer as well to have more quiet time with music high up and reading my friends' Facebook statuses or browsing the latest news. Years ago when I was still living in the Philippines, even if you have a cellphone you wouldn't dare use it in a jeepney as surely someone's going to steal it out of your hand. So we have no choice but talk with my friends or just simply stare at the window and watch life goes on. I did not love looking at windows during those rides, I remember hating it as well because I can see how dirty it was and how bad the traffic was, plus smelling pollution is simply nerve-racking. 

I guess the conclusion is whether you're living in a third world or first world country, you will always find something to complain about. Oh men, I'm not being a good example here. I'm too honest... No wonder one of my close friends will excuse herself to go to the loo just to avoid talking to me. I do nothing but complain. And the worst part, I haven't even drank anything yet! Yes, I'm sober.

Maybe I should stop from here, not that I'm scared of hate comments, hell nobody reads my blog anyway!

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