Dear Diary: Turning 25 Soon and Traveling to Penang, Malaysia


Weeks passed so fast that summer is just so over, here I am looking very positive with cooler temperature in Hong Kong. Plus, my birthday month is coming! I am turning 25, I don't know whether I should be happy that I am turning quarter of my life or should I be sad that I still haven't achieved what I said long time ago I should when I turn this age. I have done a lot of mistakes and I really learned a lot from them, I realized life is not as easy as I thought it would be. Like years ago, I though I am invincible, but I have experienced downfalls and until this very moment, I am standing up to reach those dreams. 

Oh well, let's forget those broken dreams and focus on today. The important thing is, like what I always tell myself is that, we are on our way, let's just enjoy this journey we are at. So yes, feeling positive. Thank God, this year has been awesome. 

Let me just share that two weeks ago, I was in Penang, Malaysia. Penang where the inner city of George Town is a UNESCO site. George Town is a charming town with unique architecture and cultural townscape. In the afternoon, we took the Hong Kong Express flight to Penang and arrived the city at around 6 pm. We went straight away to George Town for our night tour riding the trishaw. Even at night, the town looked peaceful and history reflects in every area we are in.

The next morning, I spent my time at the hotel at my own leisure, mostly taking pictures of the art stuff I found inside the hotel. Really, George Town is very photogenic in every angle I look. Unfortunately, I haven't got the opportunity to see the Art Museum. 

That afternoon, we went to Kek Lo Si Temple and and to Penang Hill. 
Yeah, it was fun! :)

The next day, morning is at leisure again so this time, I went out with Ming to walk around the hotel. We found this Indian resto selling delicious rotti. All people traveling to George Town must try this! Then we looked for a coffee shop where I ordered a very good milk tea! I had my coffee that morning so decided to try their milk tea instead. No regrets! 

Before we went to the airport, we visited the Khoo Kongsi, which is a classic clan association in Malaysia. Looking at the artifacts, I would really feel stressed if ever I belong to that family. All of them seemed to be very accomplished in their fields. They must be very hard working and intelligent people to have those riches.

So that was it, my last trip for this year of 2014. A person must travel to George Town once in their life and emerged on what it has to offer. Never thought my first time in Malaysia will be this wonderful! :) Yes, I got that big smile on my face. I am very much looking forward for next year's travels and adventure. 

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