The Revised Dream List for 2015


This week has been tough and I am just so proud of myself that I survived it. After all my downfalls this week, here I am planning for my future once again. I will leave the sad and frustrating details and will just focus on the good things that I am looking forward to. 

Firstly, we are moving by the end of this month to a new flat. It has been five long months since we moved to my parents' home (you may read my post about it here: Under One Roof). Last Sunday, we finally found the right studio style flat for us. It is smaller this time but it is being renovated, so I am rest assured that when we moved, it will look brand new. Plus, the building is very secured and conveniently located, next to the mall and will just take me 5 mins. to get to the train station to go to work. I am enjoying my stay with my family but I would love to be the own boss of my home again. I miss the privacy where you can do whatever you want, we can have our own bathroom and kitchen that we can cook whatever we want. I am sure it will be a long process again to adjust with just Mac and I sharing the household chores, but so far since we moved to our parents' home, I saw a lot of improvements in him where he sometimes volunteer to wash the dishes or do some errands. He really came a long way and I am proud.

Also, I am working on a plan right now on what I plan to do after five years. As I mentioned from my previous post, after five years, I will have a sabbatical. A second thought came up to me too... why don't I start my own business at that time. That made me think that I should gather all necessary information/ lessons I have been thought in this industry so that I can apply it on my own. As a young girl, it has always been my dream to be my own boss and sometimes I found that frustrated dream coming back to me again, wanting me to achieve it. So I shall carefully plan it out so I can succeed.

Help me God...

Whether you have a hell of a week or not, I think it is still important to dream on and focus on your goals. Sometimes, you need to make decisions in order to attain your goal and that is what I did this week as well. I cancelled my Romania trip because of the following reasons:
  1. The exam I delayed for the South Africa trip which has now been re-scheduled, coincides with the dates for Romania. I just can't delay this exam anymore as I wouldn't know whether the University management will agree or not. Anyway, I'm also afraid that I will forget the things I have learned so I better attend the exam this time, otherwise I might not be able to finish on time. I believe I am half way in getting that advance diploma. 
  2. We are moving by the end of this month and it is my responsibility to help and not to leave my husband alone to deal with it by himself. I need to be present and show my support, besides this new flat was both our dreams. 
  3. I need to pay some debts. I'd rather finish my debts than adding some more to it, I could not bear my old ways anymore. Besides, I can always have the opportunity to travel once I'm done with responsibilities. 
I made a list of what should I achieve by year 2015 (found here: Present and Future Dreams). I told myself that I am going to rely to this list, in case I wouldn't know what to do. So by cancelling that trip to Romania, I have been able to be one step closer to (1) moving to a new flat in Hong Kong; (2) getting that diploma. 

I know it is hard to base all of your decisions to "THE LIST". I think you can still change some items on the list of the things you want to achieve, if you think it is for the better.  You should not change the list because it is convenient for you at the moment. 

Original list:
  1. Travel to India and Japan
  2. 2015 Wedding
  3. Graduate and get my diploma
  4. Build a wall in my Cebu house's backyard
  5. Learn Cantonese
  6. Get a new and cheap flat in Hong Kong
Revised list:
  1. Travel to Guilin and Batanes
  2. Graduate and get my diploma
  3. Build a wall in my Cebu house's backyard
  4. Learn Cantonese
  5. Get a new and cheap flat in Hong Kong
  6. Open an investment account in the Philippines
I'm already married to Mac so the wedding is not really necessary. We can probably work on that later... :)

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